Native Texans

For humans to be a Native Texan they need to be born in the state, but wildlife have to be designated as such by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Hunting Seasons:

All game animals in Texas have a hunting season that is managed and updated by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. These seasons vary slightly by region in the state. The ranch has a MLDP (Managed Land Deer Permit) holder and this allows us to have a slightly longer season for harvesting deer as we need to manage the herd.

TTexas offers many exciting and plentiful native animals for hunters. By far, the Texas Whitetail is one of the most sought after and rewarding animals to hunt in North America.

An exotic ranch, such as Cleghorn, affords the opportunity for hunters to not only hunt year-round, but also add an exotic hunt to their highly anticipated trophy whitetail adventure.

The ranch offers free range whitetail outside and within our high fenced property that has been developed using our TC1 rated breeding facility.

Native Game Present:

The following list are native game on the ranch that are plentiful enough for hunting.

What is Required to Hunt Native Game

All naive game is controlled and governed by the rules of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Division. This means all hunters are required to hold a valid hunting license, and in some cases require special permits (stamps) for specific animals, sex of animal, and classification of horn or minimal age / development of an animal.

While the ranch holds a MLDP, hunters should have the appropriate tag for the does, spikes, etc. if they are hunting on the property.

Our guides are here to assist you in understanding the limitations and regulations on the native animals, as well as our own management and conservation policies and restrictions.

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Valkyrie Ranch is conveniently located just 45 minutes east of Austin, Texas and less than 2 hours northwest of Houston, Texas and northeast of San Antonio, Texas.

We offer fun, successful Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts and exotic game hunts. Approximately 600 acres are game fenced with trophy axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck, red deer, impala and trophy whitetail. Meat hunts are available